Camera Systems and Electronics
IR Imaging Subsystems
What's the use of having the world's best focal plane if there is no way to read out an image?

We can save you considerable time and engineering effort by providing control and read out electronics designed for your measurement task.

From photons to bits, Teledyne Imaging Sensors has the solution.

Custom camera systems are available to meet your application needs:
Features and Benefits:
  • Performance Trade Studies
    • Cold optics
      Frame rate converter resolution
  • Speed
    • Single channel
    • 4 channel 32 channel
  • Electrical / Mechanical Interface
  • ADCs
    • 12/14/16 bit designs
  • Form Factor .5
    • Flexible laboratory electronics
    • Compact-airborne electronics
    • High performance-low power dissipation-space qualified electronic

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Features and Benefits:
  • L5wer Size, Weight, Power, (SWaP) and higher MTTF than InSb for the same performance
  • Built in Video Processing:
    • Bad pixel replacement
    • Onboard NUC
  • Field Tested Off the Shelf Read Out Integrated Circuit (ROIC)
    • IWR, ITR
    • Up to 120 Hz max frame rate at full frame
    • < 25 mK NEdT at 30 Hz for a 300 K scene
  • HgCdTe sensors operated between 120 K and 150 K
  • 640 x 512 format
  • Total Camera State Power at ambient < 8 watts including FPA controller, NUC video processor and cryocooler
  • Compact form factor for improved size and weight
  • Cooler MTTF > 25,000 hours (split linear cooler)

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  • HMIR Data Sheet
With K562S Cooler.