Standard FPA Products
IR and Visible FPAs
If you're looking for an FPA, we may already have one which fits your needs! Our standard products have well defined performance specifications. We have standard pricing for these FPAs to simplify purchase. These devices have ground based, airborne and space heritage.

Choose from the following list of standard products (please see custom products for other wavelengths)
The following table is a summary of array formats and cutoff wavelengths available from Teledyne Imaging Sensors:
Format 0.35 µm-1.05 µm 0.35 µm-1.75 µm 0.35 µm-2.5 µm 0.25 µm-5.3 µm
2048 x 2048 HyViSI MBE-Substrate Removed MBE-Substrate Removed MBE-Substrate Removed
1024 x 1024 HyViSI MBE-Substrate Removed MBE-Substrate Removed MBE-Substrate Removed
256 x 256 HyViSI MBE-Substrate Removed MBE-Substrate Removed -
In addition to these standard products, most of our detectors can be mated to many of our Read Out IC (ROICs) If the standard products don't meet your specific program or instrument needs, we also make custom FPAs designed to meet your specifications. We have a variety of ROICs (multiplexers) which can be hybridized to detector arrays with the cutoff wavelength of your choice. Our detector arrays are available for extended spectrum visible(0.35-1.05 µm, Near IR (0.9-1.8 µm, SWIR(0.9-2.5 µm, MWIR(0.9-5.0 µm and LWIR (0.9-beyond 16 µm).

Please use ROIC reference table and contact us directly to optimize your FPA configuration. We are always available to assist in the design and specification of a focal plane array to meet your requirements.
A configurable hyperspectral readout for multiple applications (CHROMA) 1280 x 480 HgCdTe detector array in a ceramic pin grid array package.