Test and Measurement
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Teledyne Scientific Company is introducing test and measurement modules based on its leading mixed signal IC technology. By leveraging our decades of experience in mixed-signal technology with ATE system integration expertise from strategic partners, we are able to offer unique, cost effective instruments that analyze and test the next generation of devices. Our first test instrument is the TDSO-050, a compact digital sampling oscilloscope designed for high speed, multiport SERDES test.
The following table is a summary of array formats and cutoff wavelengths available from Teledyne Imaging Sensors:
Part Number (PDF) Bandwidth (GHz) CDR Interface Software Included Available Windows API
TDSO-050 15 Yes Ethernet Yes Yes Yes
TDSO-090 25 No Ethernet Yes Yes Yes
TDSO-050 low cost Eyescope (for 10 Gb/s digital communication).